Our partners.

Technology partners

Software editors, associations or service companies, they accompany AxeoBIM in the development of innovative solutions for the digital transition of the construction sector.

BuildingSMART France

A member of bSI since 1996, buildingSMART France - Mediaconstruct, an association under the French law of 1901, supports the digital transformation of the construction industry through the development of openBIM and good working practices in BIM. Its objective: the digital continuity between Construction, Operation and Territories. AxeoBIM is a member and has been actively involved in the development of bSF since 2015.

TEIA / Stereograph

With TEIA's proven power and maturity to create, manage, operate and leverage the digital twin throughout the life cycle of buildings and other infrastructure, and AXEOBIM, a Common Data Environment (CDE) dedicated to BIM, we now offer enhanced expertise to the various players in the construction sector.

Dassault Systèmes / SPATIAL

SPATIAL is a subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes, specialized in the development of innovative solutions for BIM data translation, visualization and modeling. SPATIAL supports AxeoBIM in the development of innovative solutions for the visualization of 3D models, both in IFC and native formats.


CADWORK has been a world leader in construction software and solutions for almost 30 years.

With its complete and flexible range of design and production modules, CADWORK covers all areas of construction (framework, roofing, stairs, building systems, engineering, concrete & metal, renovation, etc.), and every stage of a project (design, site management, costing, production, etc.).


AxeoBIM and CADWORK are interfaced to ensure optimal collaboration between the actors of a construction project. 

Strategic and commercial partners

They contribute to the commercial and functional development of the AxeoBIM collaborative platform.

Société du Grand Paris

The SGP is responsible for designing and building the Greater Paris Public Transport Network (RTGP), known as the "Grand Paris Express", for carrying out development or construction operations related to the RTGP, for financing it and for organising relations between the SGP and the other players (Île-de-France Mobilités, Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens (RATP), Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Français (SNCF), elected representatives, etc.) involved in the project.


Since 2021, the SGP has chosen AxeoBIM as the general platform for exchanges between the various players in all the Grand Paris Express projects. The project teams are stakeholders in the development of BIM Infrastructure.



SXD, created in 2010 and recently acquired by ENGIE, is a BET specialist in all BIM (Building Information Modeling) processes and trades.



SXD works with AxeoBIM in the framework of its BIM synthesis and AMO missions, notably on the Grand Paris Express project. 



BIMLY assists its clients in defining their own BIM strategy, helps them develop new working methods and participates daily in the production of BIM data for their projects.

BIMLY has been a partner of the AxeoBIM collaborative platform since 2018 and has strongly contributed to the development of certain functionalities related to data and site management. 


BIMSKY is a multidisciplinary service company dedicated to the world of construction. Its services range from project management to BIM Management, including scanning and training of the different profiles of a construction project in innovative work methodologies, including BIM. 


Partners since 2017, BIMSKY and AxeoBIM form a real synergy, both technologically, strategically and commercially, with many joint successes. 

International strategic partners

They contribute to the development of the AxeoBIM collaborative platform on an international scale. 

Mensch und Maschine Schweiz AG

Mensch und Maschine Suisse SA is one of our major international partners and in particular for the development of the AxeoBIM collaborative platform in French-speaking Switzerland. The company is known for its services in the deployment and support of BIM software solutions, consulting and BIM strategy (AMO, BIM Management...) but also for its BIM CAD training capabilities. 


Our teams work in perfect synergy to offer the most operational platform possible and develop AxeoBIM's reputation internationally. 


Model Up BIM - AxeoBIM

MODEL UP! brings together BIM Manager experts who have several years of experience in coaching and training. Their clients are companies, architects, design offices and public bodies. In addition to the practice of files managed in BIM (Level 2), their knowledge of modelling software (Revit, Archicad, etc.), analysis tools (Solibri, Navisworks, etc.) or collaborative tools (BCF, platforms, etc.) enables them to accompany you whatever the environment in which you work.


AxeoBIM has been partnering with MODEL UP! since 2019, which supports the commercial and strategic development of the platform on the Belgian territory.

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