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Françoise Lauvernier(BIM Perspective) talks about her experience with AxeoBIM, a collaborative BIM platform.


BIM (Building Information Modeling) is gradually spreading in the construction sector in France. Above all based on a profound change in working methods, BIM requires the implementation of new processes as well as adapted business solutions.

Among the solutions deployed on BIM projects, the collaborative platform is the central element of communication within each project. 

Built with and for BIM professionals, AxeoBIM is a collaborative BIM platform (or Common Data Environment - CDE). AxeoBIM promotes collaboration between actors from the design stage to the Digital DOE (and beyond).

Discover the experience feedback by Françoise Lauvernier, BIM Perspective, on the Condat project.

Introduce us to BIM Perspective in a few sentences

BIM Perspective is a company specialized in BIM whose mission is to provide BIM services in the following areas

  • Assistance to the project owner (AMO BIM),
  • Management (BIM management) in the construction, realization and operation phases.

BIM Perspective is also equipped to carry out surveys of the existing building by 360° laser scan and to reassemble the models.

BIM Perspective is intended for project owners and real estate developers; it helps designers and companies in the modeling of their projects, whatever the type of work.

Could you give us an overview of the project you managed for the CONDAT Company?

BIM Perspective has realized and is currently realizing several BIM Management missions. For example: the construction of 4.000m² of buildings for a customer CONDAT (industrial company specialized in the formulation of fatty substances and surfactants); construction including a company restaurant, offices and an environmental management hall.

This complex was handed over in late 2018 after 15 months of BIM process management and interactions.

What are the specifics of this project?

It was a 29-lot project; for most of the companies, it was their first BIM project. The buildings were of multiple complexities due to their different destinations. Thus, it duplicated the number of specific participants, such as the industrial kitchen designer.

Even more specific, it was necessary to make collaborate 6 modeling softwares, as many specificities to assemble the geo-referencing point or to integrate the protocol.

The DCE and DOE were proposed and requested in electronic format. All of this, from the AxeoBIM platform: the goal of zero paper has been reached!

What is your best experience on this project?

Unquestionably, it is the support to companies and BETs in the discovery of 3D collaborative work, thanks to the mutualization of information and sharing via AxeoBIM and the power of its viewer.

Thanks to the accessibility to the model made more fluid by the AxeoBIM platform, the participants appreciated the pooling of resources, the sharing of up-to-date information and the visualization/control of the models in both the design and construction phases. The companies particularly appreciated understanding how they interact with each other during project reviews

In the end, it was a great collaboration... and that's what BIM is all about!

How has AxeoBIM been a success factor for this project?

The collaborative platform was able to meet the demands of federating the various actors around data and 3D models. The quick learning curve and the easy handling by the different actors, most of them novices in the use of the platform and the viewer, have been widely appreciated.

For example, the different actors were able to quickly and independently retrieve and share information on the platform. Of course, other functions (tracking, versioning, overlaying of models, etc.) were also highly appreciated.

In short, AxeoBIM is a solution that democratizes the BIM process.

What advice would you give for success in a similar BIM experience?

It is important, especially at the start of the project, to inform the various users about the project's objectives. It is also necessary to ensure a good understanding of the BIM convention and to train them on the different BIM tools. The goal is to obtain a 100% collaboration upstream, but also downstream for the follow-up of actions and modifications.

It would also be necessary to bring the data visualization on the construction site by a mobile station...tablet or similar... whichAxeoBIM now offers.

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