Seine Nord Europe Canal project - AxeoBIM

Seine Nord Europe Canal - AxeoBIM

Project description:

The AxeoBIM collaborative platform has been selected for the Seine Nord Europe Canal project by SCSNE (Société Canal Seine Nord Europe) and VNF (Voies Navigables de France).

The Seine Nord Europe Canal project will link the Oise to the Dunkirk-Scheldt Canal, from Compiègne to Aubencheul-au-Bac, near Cambrai. In addition, the work will allow the canal to be built to the European Vb gauge, thus enabling it to accommodate 185m x 11.40m push convoys that can contain up to 200 trucks.

The project, in two words:

The works will include the construction of the canal to the European Vb gauge and the related infrastructures, namely :

- A reservoir (supplying water to the canal during low-water periods)
- Six locks, as well as a lock allowing the junction with the Canal du Nord,
- A set of wharves near multimodal platforms,
- Several service wharves (near grain silos or for industrial activities)
- Pleasure boating facilities
- 61 road or rail establishments

About sixty bridges along the entire route will allow the canal to be crossed.


The main stages of the Seine North Europe Canal project:

The construction of the Seine Nord Europe Canal is a first in France. The various phases of studies correspond to an increasingly precise definition of the geographical perimeter concerned by the project.

The proposed route is the result of optimization with regard to various criteria: geographical, ecological, human, economic, cost...

Each phase of the Seine North Europe Canal studies is subject to regulatory consultation (public inquiries) and voluntary consultation with the stakeholders concerned by the project, as close as possible to the territory (elected representatives, institutional and economic players, associations, citizens, etc.) in order to obtain the definitive route.

The works include the construction of the infrastructure (canal, locks, bridges...), the environmental installations and the related works (reservoir, deposits of materials put back in culture...).


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