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DK Schenk

The collaborative platform AxeoBIM has been selected for the project of the New Schenk SA production site by the architectural office Monod-Piguet + Associes (MPAIC).

Schenk SA, leader in wine production and trading

"One should not drink a glass of wine without thinking about the miracle."

SCHENK SA is one of the leading Swiss wine producers and the owner of an impressive portfolio of vineyards.

Among its flagship wines are Château Maison Blanche in Yvorne, Château de Châtagneréaz in Mont-sur-Rolle and Domaine du Martheray in Féchy. In addition, SCHENK SA has developed partnerships with independent winemakers throughout French-speaking Switzerland.

Thanks to its networks in all the major wine-producing countries, SCHENK SA is also a leading importer and trader of foreign wines from all over the world. The company bases its success and reputation on a wide range of products, from the great wines of Bordeaux and Burgundy to those of other renowned vineyards, as well as wines of more modest origins for everyday consumption.

In addition, SCHENK SA has ultra-performing installations in all areas (presses, vats, wine-making and maturing cellars, storage, bottling and packaging halls) and is constantly innovating to offer wines of exceptional quality.

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PlaniBIM SA, BIM for wine excellence

Within the framework of the construction of the new Schenk SA production site, an operation which will be carried out in BIM, it is the company PlaniBIM SA which was selected for the coordination and the piloting of the actions.

PlaniBIM specializes in BIM processes. Since 2018, the company has been supporting architects, building owners and civil engineering offices in the implementation of coherent BIM strategies whether for projects or for organizations.

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PlaniBIM & AxeoBIM experience feedback:

" The AxeoBIM platform has significantly facilitated the implementation of the BIM processes selected for the project. The client, Schenk SA, was able to follow the progress of the studies and the technical BIM coordination in real time

Christophe Kopec
BIM Project Manager - (Lausanne - Switzerland)


Christophe Kopec(PlaniBIM SA)


Sckenk NV(link)

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