March 9, 2022

Sovereign hosting for data in Switzerland

accommodation Switzerland

AxeoBim users benefit from a unique infrastructure in Switzerland in order to meet their needs in a framework of performance, reliability and security.

If the number of projects is increasing, the response times and the fluidity of the platform are still appreciated. Security has been our spearhead for many years, which is why we have chosen a sovereign hosting in Switzerland for our Swiss customers. In 2021, we wanted to increase the scalability of our solution to meet the growing demand.

Thus, the vast project to overhaul the infrastructure hosting our services was launched last year and completed on February 18. Previously hosted on a server in Zurich, our customers' data was migrated last week to a larger infrastructure near Geneva in the datacenter of our partner Infomaniakwhich is ISO 27001 Tier III certified.

From now on, decision-makers are taking into account these major issues for their information systems. The implementation of this server cluster allows us to guarantee them a very high level of service, unique on the market.

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