Extension of the BRY1 building of the INA


The AxeoBIM platform selected for the extension project of the BRY1 building of theINA (National Audiovisual Institute)

Presentation of the BRY1 building extension project:

The National Audiovisual Institute is a public industrial and commercial establishment under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Communication. This Institute, created in 1975, is in charge of safeguarding, developing and transmitting the audiovisual and digital heritage.

The real estate project is based on two complementary operations: a new construction with a "technical and digital" vocation as an extension of the building known as "BRY1″, as well as a partial functional reorganisation inside this same building in which INA was installed when it was created.

Further information :

-Architect: Dominique Lyon
-Project owner: INA, National Audiovisual Institute.
-Projectbudget: 9.8 M€ (excluding VAT)
-Project duration: 23 months
-Surface of theextension: 4,590 m² of floor space (which will house the technical department of the delegated collections department; the IT department's datacenter; a whole complex of offices).

A word from the architect:

"The architecture of the extension is partly defined by the role played by theINA - as an institution - in the town of Bry-sur-Marne, within a district that is set to evolve. The special provisions adopted by the project - the raising of the building and the release of the soil - make it possible to achieve a landscaped continuity between the Parc des Coudrais and the planted strip along the Avenue Georges Méliès, which may extend as far as the park of the International High School at Noisy le Grand.

There is nothing to block the view, the perspectives match and lead to the panorama. The extension project does not contradict the existing building, it does not give it a new form on the grounds that it would be more contemporary: it seems to be the destiny of the building, and belongs as much to the past as to the present. Dominique Lyon architects

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