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BIM WORLD 2022 AxeoBIM BIM collaboration platform

BIM World Paris 2022

As every year, we will be present at the leading BIM event in France "BIM World Paris".


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accommodation Switzerland

Sovereign hosting for data in Switzerland

AxeoBim users benefit from a unique infrastructure in Switzerland in order to meet their needs in a framework of performance, reliability and security.

While the number of projects is increasing, the response times and the fluidity of the platform are still appreciated. Security has been our spearhead for many years, which is why we have chosen sovereign hosting in Switzerland for our Swiss customers. In 2021, we wanted to increase the scalability of our solution to meet the growing demand.

The vast project to overhaul the infrastructure hosting our services was launched last year and completed on 18 February. Previously hosted on a server in Zurich, our customers' data was migrated last week to a larger infrastructure near Geneva in our partner's datacenter, which is ISO 27001 Tier III certified. InfomaniakISO 27001 Tier III certified.

Decision-makers are now taking into account these major challenges for their information systems. The implementation of this server cluster allows us to guarantee them a very high level of service that is unique on the market.

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BIM WORLD 2022 AxeoBIM BIM collaboration platform

BIM World Paris 2022

BIMWorld Paris 2022

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As every year, we will be present at the leading BIM event in France "BIM World Paris".

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BIM WORLD 2022 AxeoBIM BIM collaboration platform
Valaubia BETEM XD AxeoBIM

VEOLIA: Valaubia Energy Recovery Unit Project

The AxeoBIM collaborative platform has been selected this week for the construction project of the Energy Recovery Unit (UVE) by BETEM.

Presentation of the project :

In 2020 in La Chapelle-Saint-Luc, the Valaubia Energy Recovery Unit (UVE) will receive household waste from Aube that can no longer be recycled. This is mainly household waste (55,000 t/year) and ordinary industrial waste (5,000 t/year). The UVE will supply nearby industries with energy but it will also heat homes and produce electricity. 

At the initiative of the SDEDA, carried out by Veolia, the UVE Valaubia project is a concrete response to the orientations of the law on energy transition.

Presentation of BETEM :

BETEM is a multidisciplinary engineering and design office working in the infrastructure, building and environment sectors.

The employees who make up the Group are spread over several sites. Each subsidiary has the same working methods, the same organization and the same set of skills required to successfully complete any type of project.

This perpetual search for excellence has naturally led this technical design office to be certified ISO 9001. This allows them to be authorised to deal with contracts with a safety clause as well as to benefit from numerous professional qualifications.

Finally, BETEM offers to its clients the conception and the global realization of their projects whether it is about the technical, economic or even functional part.

The UVE Valaubia project in video :

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