Why AxeoBIM?

Our vision

Our aim is to support the building and construction industry in the digital transition and BIM.

Our mission

We create innovative, collaborative digital solutions to revolutionize the world of building and construction. We aim to bring expertise and simplicity to our users.

Together with you, we aim to revolutionize the construction sector, bringing innovative digital solutions that defy traditional work methodologies.

By creating modular tools with an intuitive user interface, we are already meeting the needs of all our customers' trades, with functional coverage, proven robustness and personalized support to facilitate access to BIM.

We offer a 100% French platform, from development to hosting, secure (confirmed by penstress tests) and backed by our own adaptive, cybercrime-proof infrastructure.

Why choose AxeoBIM?

Personalized advice

To properly assess your functional and infrastructure requirements in order to the right choices and maximize the management of your documents and the and collaboration around them

One of the most powerful EDMs on the market

In order to have the essential functionality to store, centralize and securely communicate all documents and models throughout your construction project.

All BIM functionalities

To enable you to collaborate effectively on models, as well as 3D models, but also 2D plans. Whether you're in the technical synthesis or site supervision, the platform adapts to your needs and offers you all the functionalities you need to bring your project to fruition.

A Common Data Environment (CDE) compatible with ISO 19650 standards

Real added value to enable you to better manage the evolution of your documentation in line with validation stages. This new function will enable you to automate a large number of file transfers file transfers to the right folders. This not only saves time, but also ISO 19650-compliant.

Recognized expertise in secure data hosting

To guarantee optimum security and sovereignty for your data. Our experts will guide you towards the most appropriate your strategy. We offer in our customers' own countries, and offer highly secure solutions solutions in sensitive sectors, where we are one of the only of the only BIM platforms able to offer this.

A guarantee for the success of your projects

Drawing on our experience in managing collaborative projects and deploying and the deployment of our business tools in ever-changing contexts contexts, we support our customers in the successful completion of their their AxeoBIM projects, with rigorous, pragmatic follow-up.

A human team at your service

People are in AxeoBIM's DNA. We are a company on a human company. We pay particular attention to each and every one of our customers. and make sure we're as responsive as possible to our customers' needs and solving their problems.
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