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Managing your information

Manage and control coding documents by applying your rules,

Give the right access rights to each player

Notify actors according to their preferences and your requirements

From easy access for non-computer experts

A to-do list managed automatically

Assistance with coding when depositing documents

Adjust your validation circuits depending on your organization

Standardize the status of your documents according to the ISO 19650

Have a traceability unlimited shares

Managing a provisional list of expected documents and compare it with actual deposits

Extracting follow-up indicators to control their formatting and distribution

Create, modify yourself

- user accounts and teams,

- your folder structures,

- your naming conventions,

- your validation circuits,

- access rights for everyone...


A simple, intuitive operation which reduces the need for support

A universal viewer all types of file formats, documents, mock-ups, etc.

Direct access via a web browser, but also on tabletsor from Windows® directories

A integration with your partners' tools facilitated by the adoption of exchange standards (IFC, BCF), or plugins (Navisworks, Revit)

Compagnons du devoir training center in Strasbourg

Compagnons du Devoir training center in Strasbourg (BIM d'Argent)

On our project, and right from the APS phase, the AxeoBIM platform enabled us to optimize collaboration, collect and share information and documentation, and provide access to and make available to 150 project participants the same database of documents codified according to our naming convention (6,000 documents, plans, digital mock-ups, data sheets, etc.).
Visualize digital models. Another very useful tool that has streamlined project management and collaboration is digital document visas.
Nicolas Henry
BIM Coordinator, Les Compagnons du Devoir

Harnessing the power of BIM

Easy access for all, without local installation IFC but also Revit, Navisworks, ...

Overlay easy models with or without version updates.

Cutsboxes of cups, measuresVirtual tour, properties, object tree.

Share your observations in 3D or on the plans.

Assign-and follow their resolution.

Configure it yourself shared information, filters, etc.

Find them directly in Revit or Navisworks

Transform clashes Navisworks in Observations

Share your observations in BCF with other tools.

Creation and follow-up ofon-site observations at mobilitywith photos taken.

Observation reports on site personalizedfor those who don't have a tablet.

Specific notifications with images and highlight actions to be taken.

Monitoring contexts multiple: simple site follow-up, OPR preparation, OPR, etc...

Traceability of all actions and decisions plugs.

Link your documentation with objects for your models

Grand Hôpital de Charleroi

We needed a solution that was not only a BIM collaboration platform, but also had a robust document management system (EDM). AxeoBIM was the platform that met both of these requirements, managing the various file formats (Revit, Navisworks, IFC), all project documents in compliance with the naming convention, and also offering the possibility of managing "good for synthesis" validation workflows.
François Lahouste
BIM synthesis manager at AtomBIM

Exploiting data from your models

Enrich the data in your 3D models and plans for a complete DOE ready for the operational phase.

 Create and set up your custom property mask.

 Optimize collaboration by enabling your stakeholders to enter property values for your modelsdirectly from the platform.

 Create and enter property values.  Checking data completenessto ensure the quality of the information contained in your layouts.

 Creating and enhancing the digital DOE (by adding dynamic links to documents) throughout the life of the building, and connectable to supervision and CMMS toolsetc.

Condat Lauvernier AxeoBIM

4000m² industrial project for Condat

The platform was able to meet the need to unite the various players around data and 3D models. The rapid learning curve and easy handling by the various players, most of whom were novices in the use of the platform and viewer, were greatly appreciated.
Françoise Lauvernier
AMO BIM at BIM perspectives

Rely on our experts

Integrating a new digital solution can be a huge challenge for you.
With AxeoSuccess, we put all our expertise and experience at your disposal to help you make your projects a success.


  Any special needs?

  Do you have any data security requirements?

 Need further development?

  Our teams are at your service.

We are Qualiopi™ certified

Thanks to our experience in managing collaborative projects as well as the deployment of our business tools in ever-changing contexts, we support our customers in the successful completion of their AxeoBIM project through rigorous, pragmatic follow-up. Discover our classic project follow-up process.

idec hautes technologies
The responsiveness of the AxeoBIM teams is remarkable!
Vincent Surrel
Project Manager at IDEC

Managing the security and sovereignty of your data

Because the security of your data is our top priority, we do our utmost we do our utmost to offer you long-term solutions for hosting solutions for hosting and securing your data.

 Accommodation in France and Switzerland for immunity against non-European regulations.
 Penetration testing to check the quality of the security offered by the platform

 Certified data centers ISO 27 001, 27 017, 27 018, 27 701, SOC (1, 2 and 3)
  Health data EU, CISPE, EBA, SWIPO and RGPD.
  Respect for
ANSSI rules
  Remote and recurring backups are implemented with back-up systems

 Setting up a specific server if required to safeguard performance on your project according to your needs. Various options are available: shared, dedicated or "shared" servers. on Premise "SecNumCloud.

Why choose AxeoBIM?

Personalized advice

To properly assess your functional and infrastructure requirements in order to the right choices and maximize the management of your documents and the and collaboration around them

One of the most powerful EDMs on the market

In order to have the essential functionalities to store, centralize and securely communicate all documents and models throughout your construction project, choose AxeoBIM.

All BIM functionalities

To enable you to collaborate effectively on models, as well as 3D models, as well as 2D plans, choose AxeoBIM. Whether you're in the technical synthesis or site supervision, the platform adapts to your needs and offers you all the features you need to bring your project to fruition.

Common Data Environment (CDE) compatible with ISO 19650 standards

AxeoBIM enables you to better manage the evolution of your documentation according to validation stages. This new function will enable you to automate a large number of file transfers file transfers to the right folders. This not only saves time, but also ISO 19650-compliant.

Recognized expertise in secure data hosting

To guarantee optimum security and sovereignty for your data. Our experts will guide you towards the most appropriate your strategy. We offer in our customers' own countries, and offer highly secure solutions solutions in sensitive sectors, where we are one of the only of the only BIM platforms to offer this.

Guaranteed success for your projects

Thanks to our experience in managing collaborative projects and deploying and in the deployment of our business tools in ever-changing we support our customers in the successful completion of their AxeoBIM AxeoBIM project, with rigorous, pragmatic follow-up.

A human team at your service

People are in AxeoBIM's DNA. We are a company on a human company. We pay particular attention to each and every one of our customers. and make sure we're as responsive as possible to our customers' needs and solving their problems.
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