Secure EDM and BIM collaboration platform to centralize, manage and control the data of
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From EDM to BIM, including data management and site monitoring, AxeoBIM is a complete, intuitive and modular platform for construction professionals.

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Data security for EDM/BIM collaborative platforms

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Optimize your projects with a collaborative EDM platform

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Electronic management of your documents

All your project information at your fingertips.

Complete management of your access rights.

Control of the coding of your documents.

Intuitive and advanced management of your validation circuits.

Continuous retention of your action history.

Provisional list of your documents.

Autonomy of the administrators in the parameterization of the functionalities.

In order to facilitate the exchange of key information with all the and all the companies, we used the AxeoBIM collaborative platform. AxeoBIM collaboration platform. This tool facilitated the processing and management of of more than 2000 documents. Each stakeholder can view the models, plans and all documents related to the construction site.

BIM collaboration platform

All the power of our EDM coupled with BIM business functionalities.

EDM and BIM collaboration platform - Viewer - AxeoBIM

View. Control. Collaborate. Comment. Share. Follow.

The essence of BIM collaboration, in one platform.

AxeoBIM is an intuitive, complete and easy-to-access BIM collaboration platform for all the stakeholders of a construction project.

Access the latest versions of the mock-ups for each trade.

AxeoBIM BIM model - AxeoBIM BIM and EDM collaboration platform
HVAC BIM model - AxeoBIM BIM collaboration platform
Maquette Archi - AxeoBIM - BIM collaboration platform
Screen viewer - AxeoBIM - BIM collaboration platform

Visualize a very large number of mock-ups, with no installation required.

Collaborate with stakeholders and annotate your digital models.

Viewer screen observations - AxeoBIM - BIM collaboration platform
Axeo Touch Hand
BIM platform, EDM and CDE -Observations and site monitoring - AxeoBIM BIM collaboration platform

Identify problems and follow the evolution of your sites with our observation tool.

We needed a solution that was not only a BIM collaboration platform, but also had a robust document management system. AxeoBIM is the platform that brought together this double answer, managing both the different file formats (Revit, Navisworks, IFC), all the project documents in compliance with the naming convention, but also offering the possibility to manage the "good for synthesis" and "good for execution" validation workflows. Another extremely important tool for our project is the management of observations (in BCF format). AxeoBIM offered this function, but the project I'm working on, for the synthesis part, allows us to go further (integration with Navisworks).

Data Management

Enhance and facilitate the management of your model data.

Manage your BIM data and ensure DOE compliance according to your client's expectations.

Capitalize on your project data and improve your productivity.

Create and set up your custom property mask.

Editing AxeoBIM properties mask - Data management
AxeoBIM Property
Property creation - AxeoBIM - Data management

Aluminium Steel

Optimize collaboration by allowing your stakeholders to enter property values directly from the platform.

Control the data entered in your models.

Checker mock-ups AxeoBIM Collaboration platform for EDM and BIM
Data Management - properties - AxeoBIM Collaboration platform for EDM and BIM

Enrich the objects of your models by adding dynamic links to documents and build your Digital DOE.

AxeoBIM DOE creation - Data management - AxeoBIM EDM and BIM collaboration platform
Linking of model objects AxeoBIM EDM and BIM collaboration platform

Together, we go further.

We are convinced of the need to support you and that's why we will accompany you from A to Z in the implementation and deployment of the AxeoBIM collaborative platform. Do you have specific needs? Do you have data security requirements? Do you need additional developments? our teams are at your disposal.

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