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Éric Beucher, OTV Grand Paris contract manager, talks about his experience with AxeoBIM on two SEDIF (Syndicats des Eaux d'Ile-de-France) projects:
- Renovation of filtering floors at the Méry plant
- Renovation of filtering floors at the Choisy le Roi plant

Thank you for presenting your structure and yourself in a few sentences:

OTV is a subsidiary of the Veolia Group. OTV is in charge of the design and construction of plants (drinking water and wastewater treatment). We work with industrial clients as well as with municipal clients.
Within the structure, I am responsible for the contracts of OTV Grand Paris(business unit in charge of water and wastewater business in the Paris region).

Could you give us an overview of these projects?

The SEDIF entrusted us with two projects: Choisy and Méry, which are two drinking water treatment plants, for which we had to renovate the filtering floors of the filtration units.

On the project, various trades were involved as members of a group of companies: civil engineering, pipefitters, electricians and then OTV as the water caterer. As the leader of this consortium, OTV is also responsible for the general coordination of the work packages assigned to us.

What were your needs in terms of collaboration tools? (Collaborative platform/CDE)

As part of this work, as the leader of a group of companies, we had to set up a collaborative platform, on the one hand to manage the VISAS of the documents and on the other to share the digital model with the other members of the group. Both projects are part of a BIM approach.
Originally, having two different tools to manage the VISA system on the one hand and the collaborative platform to work on the digital mock-up on the other was not a problem.

Why did you choose the AxeoBIM solution, how did it meet your needs?

Above all, we need to focus on the two main types of users who will be using the platform: those who use the platform for the digital object, the models AND the EPC side that will validate the documents (VISAS).
Internally, the feedback was good, the BIM Managers were already familiar with AxeoBIM having used it on another OTV operation. Internally we have a platform, but it did not manage VISAS.
AxeoBIM was the perfect compromise (known by the project manager, appreciated internally with the necessary functionalities).
It often happens that the project manager imposes his systems on his projects, but we did not have any imposed platforms. The idea of having a single system is quite attractive, even if it is not prohibitive. AxeoBIM has met both demands in a unique way.

Another element of acceptance with the teams is the simplicity of understanding and using the platform. It's quite simple and fast, which is an advantage over others. People had, even before the training, started using the platform.

We can afford to have controls on the name of the documents, we can have directories where the repository is free.
The base is a Windows-type tree structure, which is known to everyone and that is why we can find it very quickly.

What is your experience with AxeoBIM (Satisfactions and problems encountered)? :

People have very quickly adopted the tool. It's always nice when the project manager says "we're quite happy with the platform".
In one of the points in the minutes, it is noted: "User feedback, the participants indicate that AxeoBIM is a well adapted tool".
It was our first operation, we had to get used to the platform's settings; it's true that there's always a first time, but in retrospect it wasn't really complicated. So naturally on the Méry case, we proposed this platform even if the MOE was different. The fact that we used the platform on other end-customer operations made acceptance relatively easy.

Thank you Mr. Beucher for this exchange,

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