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According to the official definition of BuildingSmart France, an agreement is a document that lists and governs the relationships between the various contributors of a project, working on the development of the digital model. It determines the working environment, i.e. the terms of exchange, the rights, objectives and missions of each person from the launch of the project to the delivery of the deliverables. Presented in the form of a Word document and made up of various chapters, it is integrated into the project management document chain. It is generally drawn up by a BIM Manager who works hand in hand with the team selected for the project.

Your benefits

The BIM agreement defines the rules of the game and organizes the collaborative work of all the parties involved in the construction of the work. Then, it allows to anticipate complex or conflicting situations, helps to identify BIM objectives. A definite advantage is that thanks to a BIM agreement, the project's actors acquire a better BIM maturity. Because the role of each person is defined upstream.

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